Power & Control.
How society uses science, psychology, and technology to control, and easily make anyone, anywhere do nearly anything.

  Why do smokers give billions to kill themselves, eat to grow fat, ruin happiness, and success? 80% of New Year’s goals fail by February? When action feels good.

  Jupiter, big as 986 earths, destroyed, would upset few, over if coffee, or smartphones stopped being made, as millions protest what affects emotion.

  What motivates action is not concern over coffee, nor gratitude on it, but a source of self-pleasure, whose absence builds discomfort, and affects power to feel good.

  Were broccoli, spinach, anything which value, yet little pleasure, to disappear, few would care, because it does not affect ability to feel good now.

  Many fight to get what destroys them, often far beyond what offers value, so long as it builds pleasure at present, and results in positive emotional experience.

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