Influence. Everyone.
Hidden science. Psychology, behind how to motivate anyone, anywhere, easily, to do virtually anything – all free.

  It’s 1975. 28-year-old Sylvester Stallone attempts to find acting work; with slurred speech, paralyzed lip. With little value, nobody wants him, and he gets nothing.

  He finds minor roles, rarely avoids homelessness, as few explore  “value within”, nearly all ignore, reject, even claim to know, by “genius”, he’ll can never succeed.

  One night, he has an inspiration to write a script, suddenly, after others perceive value, he is suddenly is offered $350,000, because he has something they want.

  He declines. The role is for him. They want a “star”, and him to meet their needs, with his ability, and usefulness to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires.

  Society does not appreciate a star athlete, musician, comedian, or anyone who “tries hard” or “means well”, they value those who deliver most what all desire.

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