Games people play.
Science and psychology behind why, and how, many millions want, even freely offer out billions, to kill themselves.

  Each day, bay billions, far more rarely want broccoli, chess, books, over cigarettes, alcohol, soda, heroin – all with little benefit – yet far more chosen by nearly all.

  Anyone who ever says: “I can’t live without X”, actually means: “this creates pain inside. I can’t live without this feeling. I need [this thing] so badly to feel good!”

  Soda, drugs, procrastination – many obsess over consumption, even when it totally destroys future chance, except for those who know what’s within emotion.

  Morphine, heroin, junk food, video games – little focus often is given to logical, rational, or self-benefit – broccoli sits on the shelf, while soda and candy fly off .

  Many ignore broccoli which, while healthy, but not addictive, because nothing compares to both want toward pleasure, or instant relief from suffering.

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