Effortless Control.
 Control near anyone. In any situation. Effortless & Totally free.

Is this manipulative? Completely. Give out candy, soda, cigarettes (emotion). Most choose to be manipulated, even pay to have it, while broccoli (logic) gets ignored.

Anyone who wants to be broccoli (logic) is welcome. Just never expect any reward, interest, attention, money, praise or respect, at all, ever, only from doing what is "right".

What stands behind all choice is results, except, after 2 years, UCLA found 82% of dieters gain back more than they lose far more often, logic has little control in results.

This is reality - not "nice", "fair", "kind", like gravity, with rules, a game, where whoever knows the game, does what works, not what "should", enjoys (or suffers) real results.

Sex, drugs, money, music - loyalty, is given to cigarettes, heroin, sports, sex, music, movies - rarely broccoli - what is least emotionally addictive becomes most ignored ▼