Behavioral Mastery.
Use the behavioral science behind addiction to hijack nearly anyone's feelings, thoughts, actions, wants, and desires.

Choose from taking: arsenic, ammonia, rat poison, or broccoli? Since much of choice is driven by desire, far more choose cigarettes (than broccoli (nutrition).

As adults, all want perfect health - many choose obesity, procrastinate, etc. all on how it feels now - we only resist our emotional urges behind desire by logic.

Like scratching an itch - we all can wait - but most won't - increasing numbers get enslaved by food, drugs, even smartphones - not able to quit, even by choice.


When I was on a diet - no food around - what was I "craving"? Not the "thing" - but a addiction in my brain to have something to alter my emotional state.

Imagine total boredom - the addiction isn't to the object that can relieve irritation, pain - but the feeling it creates (i.e. morphine), and pain not having it causes.

Like with obesity, cancer, etc. - there is often not enough concern for the increasing people addicted - feeling good now near always outweighs later.


Most don't obsess over smartphones on logic - addiction lies in choice - people don't want 'things' - they want how a 'thing' makes them feel - pain vs. pleasure.

Future often is irrelevant as many smokers keep paying cigarette companies (their killers) to their deathbed - desperate to avoid any momentary discomfort.

Here is the hidden science behind what literally drives "free will" - what you're going to learn is rarely given to the "general" public - don't take this lightly ▼