Infinite power.
Simple persuasion tricks to make anyone do nearly anything.

  Is this manipulative? Completely. Give out broccoli, education, audiobooks, far more choose cigarettes, or heroin, both which kill, what’s behind all actions?

  Many prefer, even pay to destroy themselves, while broccoli,  or chess is ignored, as once addiction is created, logic takes backseat, as it lacks emotional pleasure.

  Many New Year’s resolutions end in guilt, regret, shame, embarrassment, all over the fact many often exercise highly limited power in control over their own actions.

  As logic wants one thing, emotion manifests alternate realities, with resistance against often losing battles (weight loss, smoking, etc.) which go on over decades.

  “Free will” rarely even need be discussed, as many never even build discipline, focus, or willpower to execute on on many visions, wants, and goals, anyway…

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