Psychological Control.
How society use science, technology, and psychology, as control, to make anyone, anywhere, do anything.

   Many pay to kill themselves in cigarettes, obesity, addiction; what’s obsessed over is rarely useful, but gets pleasure, often at sacrifice to future success.

  Were broccoli, audiobooks, chess, to disappear, many would give little attention, over if phones, sex, sports, music, movies, anything strongly addictive to be gone.

   Logic rarely gets focus, dominance, or obsession, against; given choice, broccoli or candy, far more seek, and choose pleasure now.

   Obsession centers not on honesty, courage, character, firefighters, or monks, but athletes, singers, actors, who get obsession, because they entertain.

   What most controls want is emotional satisfaction, whose absence gets pain; diets, relationships, sex, smartphones, drugs, all seek relief from pain.

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