Learn behavioral addiction sciences to control behavior.

New Years' resolutions reveal people fail in resisting emotional urges approx. 92% of the time - that's all "resolution" is - stick behind logical choice - control actions.

Yet, offer rat poison and broccoli - best choice by far broccoli (logically we know) - by far, many more choose cigarettes (cancer), even heroin (death) before broccoli.

Consider the last moment you decided to feel happy or sad? In truth, many often have little control over behavior -  emotion often happens to, not with, but why?

Where do cravings grow from? Why is quitting so hard? I want this "bad" feeling gone - my "drug" can be cigarettes, food, smartphones, etc. - what's your drug?

All want perfect health, yet offer it, most buy candy, soda, video games, sports - procrastinate, smoke, obesity - people get consumed most in what feels good.

Desire is not a "thing" - it's the feeling behind that "thing" creates (heroin, etc.) - relief given from any pain with not having it - feelings control actions