Psychological Control.
How society uses science, psychology, and technology, to motivate anyone, anywhere, into nearly anything.

   Billions smoke to destroy themselves, eat to get fat, rarely obsess on education (growth) over entertainment (emotion); 80% of New Year’s goals fail by February.

  Were broccoli, audiobooks, chess, anything with little emotion to disappear, few will care, against smartphones, sex, porn, sports, music, alcohol, movies.

   Few resist opportunities to destroy success, get pleasure now, addicts spend life in recovery, against what destroys, ignore what’s valuable, but doesn’t feel good.

   Obsession centers not on honesty, courage, such as a firefighter, but emotional appeal performer, athlete, model, comedian, whatever entertains gets attention.

   What most affects want, is satisfaction, whose absence creates pain, diets, relationships, sex, smartphones, drugs, all seek relief from pain.

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