Control Anyone.
 Control nearly any behavior easily by science and psychology.

Is this manipulative? Absolutely. Video games, soda, candy, drugs, cigarettes, always far outsell broccoli, despite offering little benefit, even destroying them.

Offer arsenic, poison, and broccoli, by far most healthy, gets chosen least, often over favor of cigarettes, soda, junk food - most want, choose, even pay to be abused.

Million fight (often desperately) to lose weight, stop smoking, because emotion drives most choice far above logic, what's successful succeeds in controlling emotion.

New Year's goals reveal people fail to control choice 92% of times - all "resolution" is means determination - set future goals and choose action - most rarely succeed.

Desire is not a "thing" - it's a feeling of reward this "thing" creates (e.g. heroin) - pain it removes, fear of not feeling good now, discover how desire gets created.

This is not to teach you to lie, cheat, or be unethical, only the science behind what creates experiences others already want and choose, and how to be attractive