Persuasion Control.
How society uses science, and psychology, behind cocaine addiction, to control nearly anyone’s wants, and actions.

  A cocaine addict will do anything to have another, while millions of smartphone addicts “can’t live” without their “drug” at all times, or confront discomfort.

  Few, logically, will choose to take poison, grow obese, and many not only do, but pay for destruction, soda, cigarettes, not broccoli, as feelings decide choice.

  Firefighters are not worshiped on courage, begged for autographs, but will, as an actor, singer, model; society worships image; not character, who others are inside.

  Society worships reality stars, social media, fashion, sports, music, movies; few know why, eager to learn, only what feels good, and fulfills emotional “holes”.

  If anyone is broccoli, books, or what someone should logically want, statistically it will be ignored, in favor of what is most addictive, regardless how it affects them.

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