Intimate. One-to-one. Live.

  When I started Happerz, I decided education should offer the same opportunity to someone with $1 as $1,000,000, have every opportunity at fingertips of everyone.

  To do this, I decided to give away all digital programs free, let others offer what they want, and when, in return, only as an expression in pure selflessness.

  Needing a consistent way to support myself, while I’ve put everything I know inside those courses, this is a special for those who want, but in no way required.

  I will not “convince” you, as you should already have trained in my material, and know if this is right for you… if not, go back and through my book “Persuasion”..

  Business models and pricing are subject to change over time, private consult is $140/hr,click “next” to proceed toward registration:

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