“I’ve always felt I didn’t need to put on a funny hat, or jump through a hoop, to have a relationship.” – Fred Rogers

Great “promotion” is education, value & substance which informs; helps others and grow – not shameless self-promotion, and trying to get something out of others.

While promotion is needed to separate yourself, “promotion” is now often nothing but pictures, testimonials & sales pitches bragging on how great some “expert” is.

My goal has been to take my experiences, which help others – eliminate all clutter, noise, promotion, and focus on giving knowledge which pictures of my face can’t.


I don’t think people should need to pay anything for what could easily be given to all (especially claiming to ‘care’ by starting with copyright threats on the 1st page).

When I built Happerz, I wanted things so basic anyone with internet, even in a 3rd world country is given equal opportunity to the richest person in the world.

I believe giving is something we do because we want to – an expression of care for someone who has made a difference in our lives – not just handed out.


You give only what you want to give, based on what you can afford (no demands or requirements) – basically, anything given is from your heart.

If our programs have helped you, and you want to give for the value you recieve, I only 2 simple options (I care about the 1st most by far):

1. If you know someone one of our programs can help, please share – I make these programs effortlessly easily shareable (and free) to help everyone.

2. If you’ve used one of our programs, and would like to offer “payment” in return for your value, you’re welcome to offer any amount.

Just click the link to help others:

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I’m also planning future topics as well, and always want suggestions – all digital courses are free, always will be, and you’re under no obligation to give anything.

If you need a course idea which could not only help you, but millions of others, send ideas to