Persuasion Mastery.
The science behind how to make anyone do virtually anything.

People don’t choose video games, smartphones, soda, candy, cigarettes, drugs, or coffee because it’s “good” or “useful” any more than broccoli is chosen by children.

If we know what’s behind behavior, we can get anyone to do virtually anything – candy, cigarettes, drugs – people more often than not don’t choose what’s good.

In case you haven’t already figured out yet, this book isn’t “nice” – it’s about how the real world – where billions literally kill themselves each day on desire – works.

Procrastination, overeating, drug addiction, intolerance, greed – any “epidemic” society experiences is because emotions are overriding people’s behavior.

Millions die from cancer, obesity, addiction – often wanting nothing but to quit – yet can’t control the urges behind behavior – this power invades & controls ‘free will’.

Others might say: “be nice”, “give compliments”, or “show interest” – be broccoli – but what happens when everyone is learning this advice – how do we stand out?

In reality, you’re in competition with a world of others to be most entertaining, most charismatic, most able to capture & keep others’ attention above others.

When presented with overwhelming choice, society (such as television, tech, politics), society tends to default to whatever’s loudest, flashiest & most entertaining.

When this happens, the most entertaining. yet, in reality, most choose soda, sports, candy, comedy, cigarettes, coffee – what stimulates feeling – most want what feels good now, most by far ignore all logic.

While knowing this logically – most still rarely want broccoli – often powerless over free will to choose (their cravings) – New Year’s resolutions are nothing but battles with emotions (which most never succeed) for control over behavior.


In Aldous Huxley’s 1932 book “Brave New World”, citizens are given “Soma” (think morphine) a “perfect drug” – 10-hour highs (positive feeling) – what all desperately want – eliminate all discomfort, pain – the goal behind most consumer products.

Luckily, we have many easy exits (junk food, cigarettes, drugs, etc.) – quick ways out of feeling uncomfortable – but we’re forever addicted – when we want results the right way, it takes time and discipline – yet lifelong happiness and success.

Success always is rarely giving others what they logically want (broccoli, etc.) – many are unlikely to choose a sunset above their smartphone, cigarette, junk food – not over what they crave – trading future happiness selling for a cheap “high”.


Instead of giving citizens what they want (happiness, health, success), it builds passive addicts – forever dependent on momentary cheap “highs” (ex: junk food) at the expense of lifelong health, growth, happiness – even free will to choose.

Children aren’t nice to Santa because he’s a “nice guy” – it’s because he’ll take away things which anticipate pleasure – and cause pain in them – an experience, even as adults, many want thru movies, music, sports, etc.

You’re not reading this far because I’m “nice”, my words and actions drive your behavior – if I wasn’t giving you what you wanted you’d leave – click below to start Persuasion Mastery and transformation forever in just hours…

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