Persuasion Control.
Make anyone, anywhere, do virtually anything.

Soda, candy, cigarettes, and drugs, aren’t by far best selling in the world because they’re “good” or “healthy”, any more than broccoli is desired by children (it’s not).

After we know what’s behind behavior, we can get anyone to do nearly anything – smokers are on their deathbed while paying their killer to have more cigarettes.

If you haven’t already figured out yet, this book isn’t “polite” or “positive” – it’s about reality – where people lie, cheat, steal manipulate – life’s not always “clean”.

If you continue reading, you might be offended, insulted, anything else – this book is free – by your choice, I don’t really care you read it or not.

Getting as many readers as I can is not my goal, which is to teach those who want to be learn, and know they might benefit from this info – maybe not you.

Procrastination, overeating, drug addiction, intolerance, greed – any “epidemic” society experiences is owed to lack of control over emotional urges.

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