Take control over your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

I once had a dream – arguing – mouth couldn’t open to talk – feelings rage – needed change emotional state by getting anger out on other.

The thing most frustrating was I couldn’t express my anger on others – it built up inside – I felt the other person’s power over me – with no control.

What would we do if we couldn’t use the outside world to regulate our emotions – if, for example, perhaps angry, we couldn’t get revenge, and were forced to deal.

Like math, science, reading – any skill – we can learn to do this – the problem is we’re taught little in how, and often end up addicted outside to happiness.

There are 2 options to listen to the 10+ hours audio course:

1. ONLINE: on YouTube here (can be saved listening offline in YouTube app)

2. MP3: Right click and select “Save As” (PC) or tap and hold (smartphone) to download this file to your device here.

The accompanying 257-page PDF guide can also be downloaded here.