Emotion Control.
Science behind how to get total control over thoughts & feelings.

I once had a dream – arguing – mouth couldn’t open to talk – feelings rage – needed change emotional state by getting anger out on other.

The thing most frustrating was I couldn’t express my anger on others – it built up inside – I felt the other person’s power over me – with no control.

What would we do if we couldn’t use the outside world to regulate our emotions – if, for example, perhaps angry, we couldn’t get revenge, and were forced to deal with our feelings inside.

Like math, science, reading – any skill – we can learn to do this – the problem is we’re taught virtually nothing on how – and often end up addicted outside for happiness .

We’re never taught in school how to control our brain. In fact, if we tell them we’re stressed, overworked, or unhappy, the basic answer is: that’s life. Deal with it.

My answer is: this person is coming to me in pain – I don’t know their potential – let’s discover better ways to create results. – out of empathy – I want to find one.

Schools & jobs don’t care about making us happy or effective – just how to work (math, science, etc.) – until self-esteem is so bad it starts affecting them.

With anxiety, depression, sadness at all time highs – any emotion we feel – many of them still simply parrot what they currently know:

My dream is absolute freedom – but when I told others I could control emotions, they simply told me, like programmed computers on autopilot, “you can’t control emotions, they’re natural.”

I knew this was ridiculous, as brain scans prove emotions are just stimulation in our brain – one person can feel anxious where another feels confident.

Emotions don’t fall from rocks, cars, or houses and absorb inside our skin – but the tougher question was yet to come – how can we achieve what’s right now “impossible”?

in pursuit of this dream I put no limits on my potential, or possibilities, and for over 10 years spend every day searching for ways closer to this dream.

The only problem is, this dream was solved 2,000 years ago – monks and yogis have practiced techniques for thousands of years on mind control.

The problem is, they’re off limits to us.

Not because they’re not shared, but because we can’t understand them.

Imagine a crayon box with 8 colors – we have a word for each color – but imagine another language only has 1 word.

In Arabic, for example, there are 11 different words which can translate to “love”…

When these ideas get translated to English, we often get phrases like:

“Become one with everything in the now”

How the hell do I do that?

Think for a moment when you see someone – but so quickly you think, for a moment, it’s someone else.

In this moment, to your brain, it is someone else – but not literally – because our emotions (brain) reacts to what it thinks our eyes see, or ears hear, our brain controls our emotions – not the outside.

What we must learn is how to disrupt this process.

If it’s been offset by past experience – for example – post-traumatic stress – this can trigger a default condition which is wrong.

The best part about these techniques, is you need not change anything else you’re doing.

Simply begin listening to these Mp3 courses, and results will follow on their own.

It’s like if I give you directions somewhere you’re trying to go – you can’t help but make those choices when met with those decisions.

Over time, making effective decisions becomes natural and automatic – we just first need to have what those correct choices are in our brain.

Your brain just says, last time this turn led to X, so if I want to go to X, take this turn.

But this only happens in the 1st place because of instruction from a learning source (such as a GPS to guide until we memorize the steps).

To get started with .

I’ve spend over a decade unlocking how to control emotions – and it’s all in this course.

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