Personal and private one-to-one live teaching.

When I started Happerz, I decided education should offer someone with $1 the same opportunity as $1,000,000 – learning shouldn’t discriminate.

To do this, I decided to give away all digital programs free, and let others give what they want, when, and if, they can as much as possible.

But I also needed a consistent way to support Happerz, and myself – while I’ve tried to put everything I know within my courses – this is special for those who choose it.


While I try to give more than virtually anyone, and always be fair, since I can’t infinitely replicate myself, I know my personal time couldn’t be given to everyone.

My personal time is highly limited (unlike digital materials), and very valuable to me (as yours to you).

An average cost of a therapist is $150/hr – professional consultants can easily cost thousands.


During this time, you can ask me anything, we can strategize, and work on personal plans.

Business models and pricing are subject to change or grow through time.

Private training is $149/hr – when you are ready – click “next” to proceed to registration:

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